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Little Big Planet Karting
Play, Create and Share

LittleBigPlanet Karting was a kart racing video game developed by United Front Games and San Diego Studio, in conjunction with series creators Media Molecule for the PlayStation 3. I was a lead designer on the game, focused primarily on the story levels, and the level creator. We utilized the editor foundation we had built with Mod Nation racers and added new creator features to expand the possibilities for level creation. 

One of the many story levels I designed and created. Levels were open to remix and explore so creators could study how they were built and apply the learnings to their own creations.

A 3D circuit board was one of the new features we added that was incredibly powerful. It was basically a visual programming interface that provided creators with unlimited possibilities to build much more than tracks and racing based levels.

An example that showcases how circuits could be used for creators.

We were very excited to show creators what was possible with our level creator. This was an example level that I built to show that it was possible to make a first person shooter,  and show the creator community that anything was possible. 

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