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Disney Infinity • Marvel Battle Grounds
4 Player Brawler 

Marvel Battlegrounds was a playset for Disney Infinity 3.0 released for multiple platforms including the Play-Station 3. I led the level design for the action-adventure 4 Player brawler game. 

An example of the brawler gameplay in Marvel Battlegrounds

One of the first tutorial levels I designed and helped build for the game. There were many features that it needed to accommodate such as allowing the spawning of new powerups and AI players, variety in the level height to teach players how to navigate, all whilst being a fun dynamic level that changed over time. 

The Trainyard level I designed, scripted and built for the game.

This was a multi-part level for the game set in Wakanda that I designed, scripted and built

The final boss battle for the game Ultron, it involved a lot of scripting and fx work to complete. 

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