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Apple Vision Pro
personal, Spatial Computer

During my tenure on the Apple Design Team, I have concentrated on Vision Pro, Apple's groundbreaking mixed-reality headset for spatial computing. This innovative device facilitates 3D interaction within immersive entertainment, games, and applications. As a senior designer within the central Human Interface design group, I specialize in spatial experience UX/UI prototyping. My role involves driving app development and features for the Apple Vision Pro and visionOS to fruition.

This journey spans over 7 years, with the initial 4 years dedicated to exploration. During this period, I created experience prototypes and use case demos to define the product. The subsequent 3 years have been focused on shipping, during which my priorities shifted to leading features to completion. I collaborated closely with our engineering partners to build a completely new human-centered spatial OS from the ground up. This involved leveraging new natural inputs such as eyes, hands, and the body.


I will update this page again with more details once we have shipped the product, in February 2024.

I had a pivotal role in the design of the TV app from birth to completion, everything from the UI interaction, to the transitions and User experience. My demos and designs showcased the potential and promise of the product in the early explorations to the final product. 

Light-spill was one of the key features for media playback that I first prototyped as a way to prove the magic of blending virtual media with reality, but also ground media in virtual spaces.  

I designed the interaction and experience for detached controls for docked and Immersive Media. 


Since media can be docked in an environment 30m away we needed a design that could accommodate the limitations of gaze ray distance, whilst also being flexible for various movie formats. 

Immersion levels is a key part of the product that I was very close to and created many prototype explorations to define.  

An example that shows how we used the immersion level with environments. This allows users to quickly adjust the level with the dial to bring in the passthrough of their personal space. One of the big ideas I help birth for the product. 

I was involved with the product enrollment experience from an early stage which posed many design challenges. One of areas I prototyped and helped craft was the persona exterior display enrollment flow which posed many challenges due to the limitations of the screen resolution. 

After the persona had been created, there is a customization and mirror experience that I helped define through prototypes and demos. 

An example of Z push transitions I helped define, this was a subtle and effective solution to provide hierarchy levels to UI ,but also taking advantage of spatial positioning, and transition cross fade to communicate effectively when platters appear and disappear.

Using the Vision Pro as a way to capture spatial memories, I was involved with this concept right from the beginning with the birth and design phase. 

Above is a small sample of areas for the product that I was involved with, in time I will share more once the product has released. 

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