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Need For Speed
EA's Best Selling Racing Game of All Time.

When EA acquired Black Box Games as an independent studio in 2002, I continued to lead the essential world creation and design of EA's all-time best-selling racing game, Need for Speed.

In my role as a senior world builder, I had a dual responsibility of constructing environment models and designing the layout of the game's world. This included activities, navigation, road layout, and story elements. Additionally, I prototyped and led the development of new game moments and world design features, overseeing a team of 3 designers and 30 world builders, each focused on different aspects of the game world.

Beyond that, I developed tools, processes, and automation to enhance game quality and significantly reduce the team's development time by several months.

Need For Speed Underground was a breakthrough game that I was proud to be a part of from birth to completion. The wet roads that reflected the environment above was the one feature I introduced to the franchise. I worked on everything from the environment models, road design, road look and feel and lighting. 

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